Intersection of ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Executive Functioning

Children with ADHD and autism spectrum disorder typically present with executive functioning issues. Until recently, it was assumed that inattention was the key problem in children with ADHD. It is now believed that ADHD is actually an executive function disorder. While it is true that all children will struggle with these skills at some point or another, children with ADHD and ASD have chronic problems with executive functioning.

Michelle Garcia Winner - Social Thinking, who a decade ago started social thinking as a treatment approach for students with social and communication challenges, has created a two hour video where she shows how organizational skills are not just about homework: they are about managing the  entire day. This tutorial explores motivation, time management, segmentation of tasks, prioritizing/postponing and more.

Michelle explains why so many of her social thinking clients also struggle with executive functioning skills.  "I often talk about social challenges, but many of my clients with social challenges also have organizational challenges.  In fact, it is about 90% of our students, who have social learning challenges, have significant organizational problems.  Over the years of working with students from younger all the way to college and adulthood on their social understanding, we've found so many organizational problems, that this was as big of a problem as the social, toward getting our lives in order to progress us toward adulthood and succeed in adulthood."

Provide is a YouTube introduction of Michelle Garcia Winner's 2 hour video entitled:  

Executive Functioning and Organizing for Homework: Strategies to Facilitate Learning