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Now that you have an idea of how this problem manifests itself in your child, you can try some strategies to help your child improve. It all boils down to management. Good management yields productivity in the business world. The same is true when applied to your child. Understanding and patience is also necessary. It is easy to get exasperated when you don’t understand why your child doesn’t “get it”.

1. One of the best things you can do is break tasks into manageable steps. It is easy for a child to give up when they believe the goal is beyond their ability to achieve. Make each step an easy success by keeping short and attainable.

2. Use visual and audio aids to reinforce the task. If a child has difficulty with tasks such as getting dressed, post a visual schedule of dressing steps. Written instruction should accompany all oral instruction.

3. Give your child breaks between activities and ample time to adjust to a new activity prior to starting.

4. Keep a consistent schedule as much as possible. Maintain the same bedtime. Schedule homework to be done at a specific time and keep to it. You can split homework assignments so there is a substantial break in between if they have trouble staying on task.

5. Keep activity charts and post them where they can be easily viewed.

6. Reduce all distractions. Give one thing at a time and keep all other tasks out of line of vision.

7. Label everything your child needs for their schoolwork and for home workspace. Have a specific spot for each item.

8. Review homework assignments and maintain a checklist. Have your child check each assignment as it is completed.

9. Keep open communication with your child’s teacher and get regular feedback.

Executive Functioning Skills from a Developmental Standpoint

Below is a developmental chart outlining executive function tasks appropriate for ages. Parents - MODEL these behaviors but do not do these behaviors for your child.

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